Saturday, June 24, 2017

Social Media Etiquette (ESPECIALLY FACEBOOK) for All

This is a working document and has been amended several times the newer etiquette rules are closer to the bottom. Enjoy! 

It's early on a summer Saturday morning and I thought I would revisit this timeless list (which I think is fun, funny, and insightful). The list isn't meant to be a know all-end all but somewhat of a tape measure/measuring stick as to how far to go on Facebook and other social media outlets.

Everyone has that one annoying friend that is always complaining about the father of their child, or that other grown-ass girlfriend who's constantly quarreling with her boyfriend's girlfriends online. There's a saying that you can't UN-SEE something and for the most part this reasoning is true. Everyone doesn't want to see your funny pictures that are horrifically gross -- we just see them as gross. Anyway, check it and enjoy the weekend.

1) If you don’t like someone on your buddy list for whatever reason, delete them and block them if necessary. At the very least you can un-follow them and that way you still remain friends without seeing their posts.

2) If you don't know a group of friends refrain from commenting on their thread. The reason for this is simple: They don't know you from a bag of sand.

3) Do not continuously invite people to join your page if they have rejected the request.

4) If you comment on someone else's post KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! There may be a PRIVATE JOKE or something going on that you are not privy too. [This is why #2 is important]

5) FACEBOOK IS NOT eHARMONY, MATCH.COM, OR BLACKPEOPLEMEET! Don't peruse your friend's pages for perspective dates and booty calls, that's tacky and shows that you have no game. Also, this type of bs will get you deleted from all of my social media.

6) I can't stress this enough. Keep your personal issues with family, friends, and fuck buddies private. #notagoodlook  e.g.  Just because I didn't make it to your party is no one's business. It looks petty and childish trying to air-out a person in that manner -- especially if you're 40 and above.

7) No one really cares about your love-life, dates, break-ups, or prospective boyfriends. You look as if you need validation or your ego stroked. I see this quite often on Twitter. Look, you're an adult ... YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO GET A DATE AND/OR A BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND!!! Right? 

8) When someone changes their Facebook relationship status do not post questions or comments on their wall. You can inbox or message them if you really need to know.

9) Do not use your status message to have a passive aggressive argument with someone or to take a very immature side shot at someone. (I have encountered this problem and it's annoying as people think it's a clever thing to do, while in reality they end up looking silly and childish)

10) Do not add people you don’t trust to your Facebook if your activity on Facebook is very private in nature. They may share your media with those you don't like.

11) Be mindful of posting about how much you love someone, some people on your friends list could be miserable or haters.

12) If you are at or are going to a private function, do not announce it or the details of the function on Facebook if you wouldn’t want someone to coincidentally show up at said function.

13) Do not lie about your relationship status and be as transparent as possible with your page. If you are having to hide this or that from particular people, rethink your transparency and/or if that person should be on your list

14) If you post foolishness on someone's page don't be offended if they delete it.

15) Be mindful when tagging people on social media. There are a lot of us who enjoy and guard our privacy and don't want everyone to know they were happy hour.

16) If you are gonna STEAL someone's status message/witty saying please note your source. Better yet, ASK FIRST before you go posting someone else's material.

17) Stop page-hustling! Period. You're pathetic if you stalk a person's social media and use what you see in personal arguments and dialogue.

18) Just because you see someone doesn't mean they are available or want to talk to YOU. So don't be offended when your IM's are being ignored because you randomly decided to IM the person.

19) This goes to significant others: You don't have to always make yourself known, okay? If a girl comments on something your guy says you don't have to piggyback the girl's comment just to make yourself known. Really ... you don't!

20) Have fun and be kind. :-)

So, I figured that I would clean the list up a little bit for the sake of digestion, I think 20 points are enough. Be peace.

Kris Clever
Twitter: @Just_KrisBoogie
IG: FreakazoidPat