Sunday, July 10, 2011

Friends and Fuck Buddies: Just some random thoughts...

So, I'm in somewhat of an irritable mood this morning but I'm sure it's nothing a glass White Merlot wouldn't cure. Although the weekend was rather quiet several people and things got on my damn nerves. One being people with their inconsistent bullshit, and the events that come as a by-product of their bullshit. The other is Casey Anthony and all of the mindless chatter on Facebook & Twitter, by uninformed idiots, concerning the verdict (We will get to that later). But, nevertheless, I endured and I'm here, back and better than ever. Ladies, I'm gonna catch a lot of flack behind this but it has to be said: Stop crying about your bills and not having money because of your kids absentee fathers -- especially if you're not doing anything to make your own situation better. This particular rant is coming from a conversation that we had Saturday evening that lasted well into the morning. Here's the gist:

Me: Huh? You're broke? Where's the little one's father?

Old Girl: Lives in Baltimore...

Me: Is he paying any child support or breaking you off?

Old Girl: No. He said that his not ready to be a father. He has a daughter about four months older than my child.

Me: What? So you DO talk to him?

Old Girl: Sure. He calls like every two or three weeks?

Me: and? He must want some of that baby momma pussy, right?

Old Girl: He just calls to kick it and see what's going on. I told you ... he doesn't want to be a father.

Me: *sighing* :-/ Whatever ... that fool's calling to fuck.

You see, in this example, it seems that old girl is fine with slim calling for some of that good Italian booty, but not leaving a check, for the baby, on her nightstand next to the condom wrapper and empty can of Four Loco. Oh well ... what can ya do? The point I'm trying to make is that she either needs a kick in the ass by her parents and siblings to do the right thing or stop complaining about being broke because she is her own problem. And i'm not on my soap-box, my dear friends, I'm only pointing out the fuckery in the situation, and giving a bit of my father's "Smitty Wisdom". As Pop would say it, "Kid, there's no help like SELF-HELP" ... you go Pop!

So I'm talking to this same Italian chick about this interracial dating craze that's sweeping the nation. She's extremely professional, kinda smart but more on the black side of the spectrum -- in the 90's we used to call women of her ilk "Whiggers". Yeah, you guys know the term so don't front. Now IS she a whigger? *sighing* I would call her a whigger-in-recovery ... straight out of Whiggers Anonymous. I have nothing against Caucasian Chicks (or any other race for that matter) who listen to Lil' Wayne and Trey Songs all day, and smoke a little reefer; those things are not MY cup of tea but I don't knock anyone else who does. Anywho, I'm straying too far off of what I was getting at in the first place. I proceeded explain a rule, to the Italian chick, my man Tam has about dating white women in particular. As Tam says it, "Kris, dog, I don't want a white chick that acts, dresses, and tries to talk & act black. I need a white chick that enjoys being WHITE and embraces her culture." Tam also went on to say, "Dog, and I'm telling you, they're are the biggest freaks ... you can never trust them. They're always at a black bar or club, in a black dudes face, later on in his front seat with his black dick in her mouth, because they are always trying too hard" *sighing* ...I can't say that I can refute Tam's observation or even say i disagree. What i can say is that every white woman who loves Tank and Rick Ross isn't promiscuous or giving every black dude head in the front seat of his Chrysler 300 -- and y'all Negroes LOOOOOOOOVE you some Chrysler 300s. I don't like or listen to Rick Ross or R&B music ... I appreciate R&B and respect Rick's hustle but they're not for me. With that said, I tend to seek out women with similar interests in everything no matter what her race may be. What Tam needs to understand is that the white chicks that love the Beatles and Creed give head in the front seat of Ford Pick-ups too -- and y'all white boys Looooooove you some pick-ups, don't you? *laughing*

On a more serious note, friends. As little as 40 years ago, interracial dating was illegal and viewed very negatively. Sadly, closed minded individuals made interracial dating and marriage very hard for those that fell in love with someone of another race.

Fortunately, interracial dating has progressed quite a bit since that shitty period. There are still groups of idiots that find biracial relationships distasteful but it really doesn’t make any difference in the long run. People can love and marry who the fuck they want even though there are still some issues to deal with.

The biggest fuckery that interracial couples must deal with is family disapproval.  These family members can often be the couples’ grandparents or parents that disapprove because of the era they were raised in. Grandparents, especially, may have been brought up during the years when biracial couples were looked down on. If you’re in this sort of situation, try to remember that you have to live your life no matter what your family thinks. It doesn’t happen as often as it used to as people have become more accepting of interracial relationships. However, there’s still the chance that one or both families won’t approve of the relationship.

Should their close mindedness make you too miserable, or if they decide that you must choose between the family and your love, you cannot feel bad if you decide to choose happiness with your partner over the selfishness of your family. They should be supporting you. If they aren't on your team, to hell with them ... do YOUR thing.

While it can be hard to handle the views of ignorant people, you still have to remain strong and live your own life. Since interracial relationships can be difficult due to pressure from other people, there may be various issues to deal with. However, try to live your life and do what makes you happy. You’ll be able to move past any of these problems ... now enough of the pseudo relationship counselor stuff. 

I'm going to have some lunch presently, cadets! I think my new favorite show comes on VH-1 tonight ... I can't tell you what it is because a macho hedonist like me isn't supposed to like shows like this. I gotta jump now so have a wonderful work-week and keep sending those emails and tweets! Stay Groovy and God Bless. 

Your Old Pal,

Me and Sis, in great times, this past Christmas!! <3 ;O)

The Hedonist