Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Here we go again. The Nats strike-out of the playoffs; the bullpen collapses; and "we have a bright future" ... "This is a stepping stone". Bullshit. Have we forgotten October 2012 and the debacle that was the 2013 season -- The SPORTS ILLUSTRATED COVER? The Nationals actually are more disappointing than the Washington Football Team (Man, that recent Southpark episode was EPIC!) and share an uncanny resemblance to the Washington Capitals. I see the Nationals becoming the the Chicago Cubs while the Orioles going in a Detroit Tigers direction if these sort of subpar Octobers become a running theme. 

Lets all be honest with ourselves and our fellow Washingtonian sports fans: No one expected the Redskins to be good this season let alone go to the Superbowl. Of course you have your delusional "die-hard" fan who thinks year after year we are playoff contenders. You know that guy in the office who has his cubical decked-out in burgundy and gold with the Doug Williams screensaver? Yeah, that guy ... the same guy who runs the office football pool who hounds you the buy your squares early every week. Cats like Mr. Redskin always have us in the running, but the more sensible fans knew we weren't going to be shit this season. Well, we knew the Superbowl was out of the conversation. Look, Orakpo has been injury-prone, overrated, and underachieving since he entered the league (Kerrigan is FAR better). Our defensive scheme doesn't fit our personnel (the 4-3 scheme is a better suited defense). Desean Jackson isn't earning his fat salary and has been somewhat of a letdown. And, lastly, RGIII is looking as if he may become a huge bust for what Daniel Snyder gave to acquire this guy. I know he got injured and things take time to pan-out given the nature of his injury. All I'm saying is RGIII looked like shit in preseason and BEFORE he got hurt THIS season. Lastly, as long as Dan Snyder owns the team we can expect mediocre results at best. Anywho, I flew-off on one and you have my apologies, cadets. I mentioned all of those things to re-enforce my theory that we never thought the Washington Football Team was any good to begin with, but we did have playoff aspirations for the Nationals and held them in high regard.

Honestly, the Nats are the better-looking younger cousin of the Washington Capitals and here's why: For nearly a decade the Capitals have teased us during the regular season with great promise and playoff-like game play, only to get to the playoffs and choke. If they aren't blowing three-game SERIES leads, they are blowing 3-point GAME leads and ultimately get kicked-out of the playoffs in grand style. Now think to the collapse in 2012 and this October's collapse and tell me these two don't share the same father, or they aren't at least first cousins. Okay, don't get me wrong as I love all of the home teams, but all of this "stepping stone", "building for the future", "We learned a lot this season" is bullshit...complete bullshit. Of all of the shit they learned during the season they never learned how to win when it counts. The Nationals haven't learned to refrain from reading their own press until after they hoist the World Series Trophy. Let's just hope that our beloved John Wall and his Wizards (Bullets) don't pull this same stunt.

Atticus Bojangles (Kris Clever or Pat)

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