Thursday, February 17, 2011

GLASS HOUSES: Sometimes ya gotta let sh*t go...

So I'm kicking ideas around with my Mountain Contingent about future topics in which to blog about and we actually came up with several really good ideas. Afterwards, I enter into a secret Facebook group that I'm apart of and came across a post concerning the alleged beating of O.J. Simpson at the hands of a Skinhead in prison. Now I can't vouch for the validity of the report because I haven't had time to research the specifics. I did hear that 'Ole Juice was bragging to some folk about how much Caucasian booty he was knocking down on the outside and some White Supremacist took offense. Now, once again, I haven't been able to vouch for the validity of the report but, whether it's true or no, I haven't at all liked the reasons and logic behind people's statements pertaining to the matter. I'm hearing things like "Good for him ... that's what he gets for dealing with those white bitches" and "See, if he hadn't turned his back on black people maybe someone would have had his back!" and "What goes around comes around. He like them white hoes so much now look what they are doing to him". Get the hell out of here with that shallow, erroneous thinking, black people. How socially counter-productive is this line of thinking? We are smart, educated people who can elevate our thought process and form reasonable opinions, correct?

Anywho, I may loose some friends behind this statement but who cares: O.J. Simpson doesn't owe you Negroes anything! To hear some folk tell it you would think black people passed the hat around and coughed-up the dough for his defense fund or something. I didn't see any of you Negroes selling cookies when he lost the civil suit to the tune of 30-plus million dollars, did I? Yep, that's exactly what I thought -- and exactly WHY are you so disgusted with 'Ole Juice? Is it cause he became a traveling circus after his acquittal or is it because he continued to date white women? Judging by most of the statements I've heard over the past 15 years it's the latter and that's just ignorant. First, O.J. Simpson IS an American Citizen which entitles him to date whomever accepts him as a mate. Do you really think it's sound thinking to believe that since a few of you came out with picket signs and sung Negro Spirituals, in front of the courthouse, that Mr. Simpson was supposed to change his dating preference? I can hear some of you saying "Well, when he was going through what he was going through it was the black people who was there for him". Wrong again, it was his family and that expensive, high-powered criminal-defense team he hired that was there for him. 

What I'm saying if you want to hate (Which is a VERY strong word) and dump on O.J. do it because of his crimes and poor choices not because he loves grey-eyed blonds. The Juice was trying to knock-down as much white tail as he could before his Viagra days and I understand that totally. 

I hear "He turned his back on his wife and the black community" quite often during my conversations concerning this man. First, O.J. wasn't a huge philanthropist to black folk even when he was married to his first wife who is black. Secondly, what went on between him and his wife is HIS damn business -- some of you need to take care of HOME first before you discuss a celebrity's marital affairs. Men of all races leave their wives every day for other women. O.J. just gets a lot of sh*t for his decision because you all have watched Waiting to Exhale too many damn times and he decided to murder his white woman (No shots fired ... I'm just stating MY opinion  :-/). 

Some of my friends and my family members are reading this now and saying I'm defending The Juice because I mostly date white women ... I KNOW this. That would be total bullsh*t. I, personally, believe O.J. was guilty of murder and he should have paid for his crime. I also think since his acquittal he has made exceedingly bad life-choices, and even though prison is prison, a man should be able to pay his debt to society without being brutally beaten and raped -- except for pedophiles. O.J. fucked-up. Bad. On several occasions. But he has a right to relative safety while serving his time no matter how much white ass he claims he's gotten.  

Look, I'm no O.J. Simpson apologist, friends. The Hedonist is only saying that if you are gonna sh*t on someone sh*t on them for a good reason, not because the race of his jump-off or significant other isn't the same yours. Stay Groovy, Be Peace, and God Bless! 

BTW - Me and my fellow blogger, KP (female), are coming with straight FIRE next week on the relationship tip! Be ready as you've been WARNED! 

UPDATE: I'VE SINCE LEARNED THAT THE REPORT WAS BOGUS, BULLSHIT, RIGMAROLE... i.e. Made-up madness! Nevertheless, I hope that you've read with UNDERSTANDING and stop hating without a reason. God Bless! 

Your Old Pal,

The Hedonist