Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hell in a Hand Basket - It takes two to tangle

Do any of you watch the Ricky Gervais Show on HBO? HILARIOUS! Absolutely.Fucking.Hilarious. These guys are comedic geniuses ... really they are. *sighing* Much to my chagrin, I'm battling insomnia once again (did I just UNCONSCIOUSLY make those two phrases rhyme? Oh shit, Jay-Z, I'm coming for that ass!), thus is the reason I'm up pounding out this random installment of "Rantings and Misadventures" while watching this awesome program. Usually, I would be in the kitchen throwing something together (Yes, at this ungodly hour - 2:34am) but I'm out of wine. And like any self-respecting, proper gentleman a glass of sauvignon blanc with a late meal is a must. The curvy, 30-something red-head is optional but I must insist on the sauvignon blanc when I'm dining this late, so the late meal is out of the question. With that said, friends, I will let you in on what's currently on my mind...

Wanna talk about Baby Mama Drama? The big homie, Gilbert Arenas, has it in spades. Seems his BM backed a moving truck up to the front door of his crib in Virginia and cleaned the spot out! I mean, sista girl took EVERYTHING ... wiped him out. Old girl even took the SHARK TANK and the SNEAKER COLLECTION. She says that Gil hasn't paid child support on his three crumb-snatchers (AND she has one in the oven?!? You hear that train? Yeah, THAT one ... it's always on time.) in three months. Now, I don't feel sorry for a Negro making 1.5 million A MONTH (not an exaggeration, look it up yourself!) not feeding his kids but, ladies, there's a correct way and incorrect way of doing things. Old girl needs to understand that this is not some chitterling-cinema movie directed by Tyler Perry. You can't conduct a robbery of someone's home because you're pissed off your scheme to trap the owner hit a snag! You are NOT married to this man, darling; that mansion, shark tank, weed, platinum chain, and porn collection belongs to Gilbert Arenas. You want him to make good on his child support arrears, get council, go down to the courthouse and have the judge garnish that monthly 1.5 million. Simple. 

I can go into the "reported" sordid details such as Gil bounced on the day before Thanksgiving, or she was screwing Shaq and wrecked his home, and so on and so forth. And, ladies, I know a dry purse and wet pussy don't mix, but there's a bigger picture here: The four kids involved in this whole melodrama of incompetence and foolish behavior. How is this affecting the kids? They are 5,4, and 2, they can't possibly understand the dynamics of all of this fuckery. Fathers can’t carry children in a womb, but once a child is in the world, fathers can provide nurturing and support to children in a way that is as necessary as the nurturing and support a mother provides. And, with that said, Gilbert should now be in the mindset of how he can attain the most interaction with his little ones, with the least amount of conflict with the mother. 

Gil, you have accumulated pretty close to 100 million, you can get more weed and shark tanks. But you will only get that "walk to the Bus Stop on the first day of school experience" with each individual child once; or have that birds and bees talk once; or that "don't listen to your mother, it's okay to marry a white woman " conversation once. When fathers are in or around the home consistently, boys are taught self control, which is crucial in their teen years. Without limits set by a stable male figure, many young boys have difficulty determining where the world begins and where they end. And, having Poppa Dukes around provides healthy role models for boys who are able to imagine what their future lives can be like based upon a stable adult male figure. A young cat is able to make the transition to husband, father and productive member of society when an example is in his life. Without such examples, negative role models become the standard bearers, including gang members, pimps, thugs and other miscreants from society.

What does this mean?

Look, I'm not on my soapbox, friends -- I'm quite possibly the father of all scoundrels, but I know right from wrong, and they both are wrong. Gil, is probably in the "nappy dug-out" as I type and Old Girl is probably scheming on how to get on Basketball Wives next season. Who cares as long as they do the right thing, agreed? And the right thing is being considerate to one another and learn how to parent as separate individuals since they can't do it as a couple. The kids would have eaten without you taking the man's shit, baby. Our country's Family Court System is notorious for giving mothers of absurdly wealthy men's children absurds amount of money monthly -- look at Nas' dumb, broke-ass. What you did, Laura, is pour gasoline on what seems to have been an already volatile situation. That Negro is gonna play hard-ball now. I mean, if you took MY shark tank I'd be mad as shit too, Laura. This is compounded with the fact that Gilbert isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer either, so he has a hard time visualizing the BIG PICTURE. C'mon, Laura, we're talking about a Negro that took loaded pistols to WORK in a town WHERE GUNS ARE ILLEGAL! *smdh* I only pray that you guys put aside the pettiness and anger for the kids sake and make the transition go smoothly for THEM, not your own selfish asses. 

Well, friends, that's all I have until Wednesday (or Thursday .... or Friday) but thanks for humoring me and reading the madness I jot down on a whim. Oh, and keep the emails coming, as they make the blog that much more interesting! God Bless and Stay Groovy!

Your Old Pal, 

The Hedonist