Friday, December 31, 2010

...On to the next one. GOODBYE 2010!

Shh! Shut up. Hush. Can you hear that sound? No, that's your stomach growling, fool! Yes, thaaaaat sound... the sound of 2010 getting his funky ass in the car and pulling off. Meanwhile, I can also hear my man 2011 pulling into the parking lot. Feels good doesn't it? I know, gang, it's been a rough one that ole' 2010. A monster blizzard, Teena Marie's death,  jacked-up iPhone 4's, oil spills, Lawrence Taylor's out there taking young booty? WTF?!? The economy is STILL in the toilet guys. I haven't found a wife or anything close to it (not that I am lonely *wink*). R&B music is crap and hip-hop isn't too far behind. Mary J. Blige is STILL singing about the song shit and we're still waiting for another Dr. Dre Album ... in 2010  *sighing* Boy-o-boy. I get a headache knowing that after another entire year my sister Tre is STILL a bama and Momma Mia hasn't learned to dance. Can you believe there is still a racist double-standard in the U.S. Justice System... civil AND criminal ... in 2010?!?  On my end, extended familial communications are at an all-time low -- erratic, superficial, and uncomfortable at best... even in 2010. But what can ya do? In light of all of this here's the GOOD NEWS:

If you're reading this BLOG at it's immediate publishing or anytime after 12:00am, January 1, 2010, God, or whatever/whomever you have chosen to believe in, has allowed us to see another year.  Even though there is going to be ongoing consequences, heartache, sadness, discomfort, tears, and other such madness that's gonna follow us into 2011 we are blessed to EVEN SEE 20011.  Lest we forget, Teena Marie isn't going to see the ball drop with Dick Clark at 11:59pm.  A lot of of us have lost loved-ones at some point this year I'm sure.  I am basically saying to all of my friends and family out there (and the stranger who just stumbled upon this blog):  Stop bitching and START counting your blessings! We all have problems. Some don't have as much money saved as they would like while others are wondering how they are gonna get metro fare to get to work at Starbucks tomorrow. But what they both have in common is that they have a good chance to see tomorrow.


 Another thing I want to touch on is RESENTMENT, gang. Please allow 2010 to put that shit in his trunk and drive-off into the night with it.  Real talk. You ever think that resentment is sorta like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die -- it's wasted and misguided energy. Usually the person you resent doesn't know or, more sadly, doesn't give a damn ... think about it.

I've had a lot of good things happen to me and those around me this year and I, also, had several negative experiences. But I have learned from both the positive and negative experiences and moved-on. The Hedonist isn't any sort of minister, therapist, or talk show host... I'm a hedonist (if you don't know what that is there is no shame if you Google it). My advice is just to leave negative karma, hard feelings, scorned girlfriends, grudges, resentments, AND THOSE FUCKING SKINNY JEANS in 2010 when the ball drops at midnight.

Neisha and Bubbe

In closing, if I had to shout out everyone who I love and care for this blog would be 17 paragraphs but lemme start with MONIQUE, Kai, Mia, Wadette, SHARON MICHELLE FOSTER-WILLIAMS, Meesh (Mrs. Claus), Phil, Amina, SELAH K. Crystal Wolf, Tracey KP., KEISHA BLACKSON, Katie and Veda, Megan, GABBY Z., Chuck H., Steph (Ms. Amazing), Kimi Mather, Frankie Baby, Michelle Kannan, Anita Garcia, Ebony Turner, Momma Johnnie, Vicki, and Go-Go Ron, ESHA STEVENS, This one, that one, and them.

Mrs. Claus trying to look cool with her Boost Mobile Trac*Phone

Enjoy the incoming year and beyond, Cadets! IF YOU DRINK TOO MUCH CATCH DAMN TAXI...THEY ARE FREE TONIGHT. Please, everyone, get home safe. Since 2010 was a blast lets make 2011 the bomb! God Bless, Be Peace, and Stay Groovy...Smile and Take Care. <3 ;O)

Your Old Pal,

The Hedonist