Sunday, November 7, 2010

So I Didn't Go To Church Today (He Who Is Without Sin)

Well, the weekend is just about done and another work-week is upon us. I make it a point to never write unless I have something to say or something's weighting on my mind but today's different. There's nothing really on the tube to watch this morning. I mean, can you believe it? Most of us are paying nearly 150 bucks for Comcast or Verizon (if you get the triple package) and there's never a damn thing on worth watching besides Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, or Family Guy – what kind of fuckery is that? **smh** Thank Heaven for authors such as Anne Rice, musicians such as Sara Vaughn and Depeche Mode, and the time-tested concoction, that is adored by many throughout the planet, Champagne and Orange Juice a.k.a. Mimosa. It's been a groovy weekend, even though I didn't have any dates, so I'm using Moet and Simply Juice instead of Andre' and Safeway Brand OJ. Since I'm thinking about it, a shout out goes to my Indian Mommy who ditched me on Friday night and then IM'd me on Sat to talk junk. I'd like to send a big-up to my long-time friend (from JUNIOR HIGH!!) and fellow Liberace, Kurmit – Happy Birthday Playboy. I also think congrats are in order to a Ms. Cynthia M. Hastings who is supposedly having a baby sometime today, though her Tagged, Facebook, and Myspace Accounts say nothing of this life-changing experience. **sighing** I guess that we will have to wait for the pictures to be posted, huh, girls (ref: my sisters Mookie, Sharon, and Mia)?

Cindy, I'm not the wisest cat walking the planet, nor do I claim to be a saint. Actually, I'm the father of all scoundrels but I left the rigmarole and attention getting antics in the past years ago, Love. Aren't you far too old (37 to be exact) to be making such blasted jokes woman? If one true thing ever came out of your mouth it would die of loneliness, baby. But he who is without sin and all that, right? ...I'll let YOU tell it.

So with I've been doing some life-maintenance/closet-cleaning over the past several... hold up! I just glanced up at the television and the chick, the lead singer of the rock group Divinyls, is FINE!!! I wonder how she is looking these days and is she in need of a good... uh, a good man? Yeah, is she in need of a good man. **laughing** So where were we? Okay, I've been getting down to some ole' nitty-gritty, clean-out-your-closet shit over the past several days. But, for the life of me, I can't seem to get these phonies completely swept out of my closet. I know, you're saying, “Well, Kristien, why don't you just cut them off completely?”'s not that easy. It's difficult because these people ARE PHONY and you never know if they're turning a new leaf or bullshitting you once again. Example: I have this one female friend that seems to think that I'm a rest-haven when she is lonely, down, and on her last leg. Trust me, I'm the most caring, empathetic, and giving person you'll EVER encounter. I've been through an amalgamation of trials, tribulations, heartache, and pain – anyone who knows The Hedonist can attest to my statement. But I show my face when things are groovy AND when my life's in the shitter so that my peeps will always see Kristien raw and uncut. In addition, my friend continues to make many of the same mistakes with her personal demons, dating losers, and life mismanagement. Madness like this puts me in a bad space because I haven't the slightest idea how to feel about this person most days. There are times that I want to say, “_ _ _ _ _, if you're lonely it's your fault because you CHOOSE to fall in love with losers and miscreants. What do you want me to do? Besides, a person with your particular demons should steer clear of those kinda folk. Do you need to be with someone THAT BAD?”, but that's not me. I'm not one to leave a friend on the curb under most circumstances. Don't get me wrong now, gang, I have a few shady characters in my life that I consider friends (Tracey … SIKE!!! *laughing* You know I love you, Honey)... but I'm not dating them and giving them shelter when they decide to come around. People, places, and THINGS, _ _ _ _ _! But who am I to be speaking on such insanely, self-destructive behavior. I like to drink, eat lamb, and date pretty chicks from Argentina... nothing good could come from such vices. But he who is without sin yada-yada-yada and all that sorta shit, right?

Random Rant: If you think Culture Club isn't one of the greatest bands of all-time you're a freaking fool. George O'Dowd has one of the most distinctive and soulful voices in music and the guitarist/pianist Jon is a musical genius. Don't sleep, gang, don't sleep...

Another Random Rant: I don't want to come off as an angry cat (I'm quite the opposite) but I hate phony peeps in my life – especially the broads who can't seem to get their mind's straight and shit in order (see farther below).

Now I LOVE hip-hop music but I was never IN-LOVE with hip-hop music, kinda like the Junior Whopper with Cheese and Oral Sex, so this is why I'm not all that saddened with the current state of hip-hop music. I mean if I'm not getting anything good I have the patience to wait shit out. Me, Personally, I don't particularly care for Nicki Menage and Drake – you can give me Slum Village, Public Enemy, Biggie, and MC Lyte any day over those clowns. Here's the problem as I see it: The content of the shit that they are spitting is based-on negativity and facades, and the production isn't original. I mean, tell me, what does Nicki Menage REALLY flow (if you want to call it that) about? And do you REALLY think she'll become the next MC Lyte, Lil' Kim, L-Boogie, or Queen Latifah? If we're being honest with one another, Nicki Menage isn't even Bahamadia!!! As for Drake, the kid can rhyme like nobody's business but he has no quality production and his music hasn't any focus whatsoever. There's only one person in history to ever pull the whole rapping/singing thing off and that's Lauryn Hill, and it's because L-Boogie could rip a mic and really sing... not sing but SANG. Don't get me wrong, I'm not just talking about Drake and Nicki, I'm talking about 90 Percent of the stuff that's being played today on 93.9 and 95.5. Maybe I'm showing my age. Maybe I'm losing my once well-developed ear for music. Who knows? But I still have Common Sense, Souls of Mischief, and GangStarr in heavy rotation and will keep them there until something new and exciting comes along which, to my chagrin, maybe never.

Random Rant: I have some rather amusing thoughts on a certain football players sexuality but who am I to judge how another cat gets it (or receives it). The Hedonist will file that one for a later blog. I have some ideas for a two-part chumpy that may ruffle some feathers.

Side note: As always, nothing that I say is intended maliciously nor to hurt any of my readers feelings. But if you don't like what I've said email me or, better yet, stop reading my blog!!!

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Due to ongoing research, the third and final part of my interracial dating series is on hold for about another week. One thing I did notice, while perusing several social-networking sites, is that the Caucasian women, in the more rural areas and outlying suburbs, have the most awful taste in selecting a Black Man. I've touched on this (actually did a whole blog on it) on Facebook but you would have to be one of my friends to see it. But, basically, I was saying how it befuddles me that these women get hooked-up with these “thugs”, wanna-be rappers, and weed dealers only to ruin their lives. You check their pages and they have two or three amazing looking (albeit usually dirty) kids and the loser that they had the kid by is nowhere in sight! WTF kind of madness is going on these days, people? My thoughts are extensive and will be expanded upon in Part Three of the IR Dating Blog but I basically chalk it up to these girls having a major identity crisis and ignorance. So going on a year ago a good friend of mine said to me,

Kris, I only consider and date white girls that ENJOY being white, Playboy”

Huh? What do you mean by that, Big Man?”

Man, I don't want a white chick who has every album Lil' Wayne and Slim Thug ever made and wears Apple Bottoms. I want a white girl who is proud of being white and doesn't want to conform to what she thinks Black Folk like... I don't want a wigger”

I can dig it, Nick... I just ran into one who does all of that and is in love with Air Force Ones [Sneakers].”

[Nick laughing] You might as well have a hood rat then because that's gonna be her mentality and you won't be able to talk any sense into her... watch and see, Playboy”

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You know Nick was onto something, guys? I mean, think about it, why would I want to date a Caucasian chick who has a better command of Ebonics than Young Jeezy and applies it in her everyday life? I have had the fortune to have met only women with good heads on their shoulders and are comfortable with who they are as a person – People who enjoy things and experiences from ALL CULTURES. But who am I to judge another person's speech and style of dress, and berate their ongoing erroneous thinking. Once again... he who is without sin, I guess. :-/ Anyway, as I said, I will expand more in another blog, in about a week, after my research is completed.

Now it's that dreaded time that I have to get out of bed, figure-out lunch, and get back into bed. Maybe I make it church next weekend. Who knows? It's been groovy so STAY groovy, my little hedonist! Smile and Take Care! Godspeed!!!

Forever Yours,

The Hedonist