Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Back Under Construction (Part Two): It's All Gucci

(My longtime friend and one of my favorite women in the world. Trouble Bear!!)
(The Queen of Binghamton)
(My BOSSY sister and sometime Muse. Sharon)
The Hedonist is at a crossroads of sorts during this ongoing period of reflection and introspection. I've been known as a procrastinator at various times throughout my 30 plus years but I don't like last-minute situations. I know, that's a freaking oxymoron, huh? Go figure. With the two previous statements being said, I have decided to not wait until New Years Day to make changes in my life – changes of People, places, and things that are not contributing to my health and happiness. I've learned a lot about myself this past year, some of which is good and some things that are not so flattering. But the beauty of learning shit about myself through introspection and reflection is that I HAVE THE POWER to use the information that I've gathered to make my little world a better place. I can shape and mold ME into a new and improved human-being so I can be happier and healthier, and that's the blessing.
(My older sister. Tiffany)
SIDE NOTE: I was gonna touch a little more on Heidi the Heavyweight Hacker but decided better, Friends. Let sleeping dogs lie and move on is the superior train-of-thought, right? Triple H isn't even worth a paragraph in this blog even though I KNOW her and her crows are reading this along with you guys,,, TRUST ME she is. **laughing** BUT, Heidi, if you jump out there ever again the next blog about you will be something to behold.
(The Chinatown Society - Now Defunct)
The logic behind “People, places, and things” goes something like this: You can't change or progress as a human being, in a positive direction, if you continue to hang around all of the people, places, and things that have been stagnating your development, success, and growth. e.g. You can't move-on into a healthy, loving and romantic relationship unless you drop that cheating, lying, loser chick that you keep running back to every other month, got it? You can't get your sex-stamina up and in full effect unless you put down those cigarettes and start drinking more water (Hey, I'm a hedonist and make no apologies, gang). You won't kick that drinking and weed problem if you keep partying with those same cats from the Strip Club, we clear? So I am taking this ideology to heart and applying this to all aspects of my life in order to become a better Kristien (not to mention elevate an already stellar love-making game! J/K … sorta. Hey, it's all Gucci!).
(My wonderful sister and my sister from another Momma! Tre and Momma Mia.)
I have to admit that I sort of got caught-up in the whole Facebook Craze thing. Even though I'm not like some folk that I know; I don't have 2169 friends on my list but I think the 300 plus I have is excessive. Most of those jokers didn't even LIKE ME in high school as I wasn't the coolest or the most macho guy so why are these folks my friends now? I understand that we've grown and things change but, in a lot of instances, I see the same shit on Facebook that I saw in high school and college: Cliches and "in" crowds have formed on Facebook but I guess some things never change. I don't want to draw the whole Facebook thing out because it's... well, it's Facebook. Who gives a damn really? What I am saying I am, starting tonight, cutting-out all of the "filler" on my FB Page. Only the ones that ARE down and who have been consistently down. And I can see that my 300 plus list is gonna get down to about 150 or so because I hate trying to keep up – this goes for “Family” too. Check it: Just because a cat is REALATED to you doesn't make them your family.
(Uncle Rodney, The Hedonist, and Frankie Baby)
I have found that I have had maybe nine real and true friends in my lifetime and that makes me blessed. As a matter of fact, I was on Skype last evening with dear friend for a few hours that I have haven't spoken with in quite a while. The conversation was fluid, real, jovial, and silly all at the same time. I love my friend deeply and dearly, and I can't wait to see you again... you're the tops in my book, M&M! It's ALL Gucci with you and I, Chica. ;O) On from the mushy stuff now. All that I want to say that if some of you don't hear from me for a prolonged period of time it's nothing personal. I am just tired of inconsistent “friends” running in and out of my life. I have a beautiful lady friend (and she is JUST a friend... 95 percent of the time) who makes me wonderful meals, plows me with wine, takes me out for my birthday, and all sorts of shit. And yet, she will only call, IM, email, or text me unless I text her first. She's on my Twitter and FB, and she has my number but she never calls. But she'll complains to high hell that I never invite her to my family functions or, out to Happy Hour, or over to the crib **wink-wink**. Yet, whenever I DO INVITE her to a function it's always she "has a date" or "not in her plans" or something like that. Go Figure. But I would never delete her or ex her out of my life as she's proven time and again that she's good folk. On the other hand, MK had better get her shit together before I do delete her!! **laughing** Then there's all of the fly-by-night jokers along the way who've come into my life this year that vex me to no end. One person, in particular, totally annoys me. Now I've kinda figured you out thanks to several mutual friends and things you have said yourself compounded with your “online behavior. You kinda just do the internet “hook-up” thing until you think that you have found love or something leading to it. I don't think I desire to involved in such a circus. Do what you do, Playgirl... it's all Gucci!
(Me and Chelly)
Sharon, I love you very much, short stuff. You get on my nerves with that “not answering the phone shit” when you JUST told me to call you but, say it with me, … it's all Gucci. **laughing** We kick the realest, raw-dog shit that any two siblings can kick in (usually) a three-hour phone conversation. We both have our ways but what can ya do?!? **laughing** Tre (Monique), you know the deal pickles?!? I KNOW you don't answer the damn phone. I just come home, turn my key, and walk-in (then walk Buddy). **laughing** We love one another to a fault and it's always been that way … fucking remarkable. Keisha Blackson, Go-Go, ANGEL WARNER, Tiffany Smith, Kai, Cydnee, Amina, Cheryl G., Brian (Malik), Kurmit, Tony, Da Cousins (Rick an Micki), Frankie, BJ, Tony Johnson, Esha, India, Gabzilla, Bubbe, E-Boogz, Katie, Debbie, Veda, FRANKIE BABY and Firecracker are mainstays and will never go anywhere. If you're not named it's probably for a reason but then I can't remember everyone. I am saying the above named family are the family I KNOW who'll go-to-bat for me and have consistently shown this throughout the years and to this very day. A phony relative is 1,000 times worst than a back-stabbing friend, and that I DO NOT NEED. Please remember: Just because I am cutting you off doesn't mean I DON'T LOVE YOU; It only means that I DON'T NEED YOU IN MY LIFE, that's all... but it's all Gucci. ;O)
(The Hedonist)
I'm just gonna let love come and not pursue it in an over-aggressive manner. I don't like the “dating” thing when it's done in multiples. Meaning, I don't like to date several people at the same time – I like to focus my energies onto one person (see my interracial/ dating blogs below). I can say that I the one I would marry, in a heartbeat, doesn't live in my state. I also have a friend in DC that I truly enjoy but she just won't get her act together to save BOTH of our lives. Perhaps I should have called-out that one snow day but I'm dedicated to my work. Laughing So I am just going to play things by ear. Also, I have become very selective in who I intimately spend my time with as of late which is said to be a sign of wisdom. It seems that love was so much easier from '93-'96 … much, much easier. (R.I.P. Adrienne.) **sighing** Anyway, what I am saying is that I am not gonna waste my time texting, chatting, going to North Bumfuck to meet anyone who isn't willing to do the same for me – that's chasing Fools Gold not Love. But, hey, it's all Gucci!! <3>
(The Hedonist @ Work)
Well, this was just somewhat of a mini-blog to hold you guys over until Friday when I drop my final manifesto on interracial dating and sex. I hope you are all well and have a wonderful work-week! Stay Groovy and God Bless, my little hedonists! I'm off to start my life-changes while downloading some music. Hit me up via email, FB, or Twitter if you feeling the need.
All the Best,
The Hedonist