Saturday, September 11, 2010

Size Matters: The Hard Sell

I am really digging those new Android Pads that are dropping next month in response to Apple's iPad. Me, myself, I am thinking about going with the Samsung Galaxy chumpie-- I don't think $350 is such a bad price for what you are getting compared to Apple. My phone is an Android Phone. I've had an iPhone, three Blackberrys, Moto Q (Windows Phone), and everything in-between. I honestly think that the Android OS is head-and-shoulders a better OS than Windows, RIM(Blackberry), AND Apple's iOS4. Okay, enough with all the nerdy, tech-talk... lets move-on to the meat, shall we?

Side note: I can't deliver the last part of the Dating Stereotypes trilogy as I am not getting any FEEDBACK!

Now those who know me personally will tell you that I'm a fairly patriotic cat. I get excited when we are amongst the leaders in Medical Research, Technology, Track and Field, and Philanthropy. Even though I'm a Porsche kinda guy, there's nothing like a good 'ole American Made Corvette C6 or Dodge Hennessey Viper, right? I am with the whole "America the Beautiful God Shed His Grace" stuff, but I am so f@#king tired of all these "Remember 9-11" or "We were you on 9-11" hypocrites that I 'm seeing on Facebook and Twitter today. You assholes remind me of those people who only go to church on Easter Sunday (for Black Folk) or New Years Eve (for us Catholics) with your parents. ALL YEAR I see you bitching about your kid's fathers not paying child support, that joker who broke your heart, how sorry the Cowboys are, or how fake the ladies are today. But I NEVER hear one word about the troops or 9-11 at any point of the year other than today. Look, I'm not saying that you're not sincere (well... YES, I AM) with your FB and Twitter 9-11 shout-outs, but all of you guys are coming off as phonies and lames-- like you're doing it because it's the cool thing to do. If you really want to show you're still in mourning and reflection, donate $10 Dollars to the United Way's Families of September 11th Fund. It's always better to SHOW that you have a big heart than just talk about it. Sizes does matter, Gang... especially to the women and children left behind. Nevertheless, one charitable thought a year is better than none, huh? *smh*

So, I had a slight defect in my Android Phone a couple of weeks ago-- One of the letters would not light-up on the slide-out keyboard after a couple of months of use. I called and spoke with my carrier and they immediately got a replacement out to me. **High-Five @ T-Mobile!** Now here's where size matters and,the lack of, is becoming expensive. The phone gets here and I fire it up everything's on the up-and-up. Now T-Mobile wants their sh*t back (the defective phone) within seven days. In the box, they enclose everything to make the transition go smoothly... they even pay the postage (via UPS). I pack the defective phone up, secure the box, and place the return UPS Postage Sticker on and hand it to this person (lets call them the "Medical Assistant") to see the package off. 1.5 weeks later I get a phone call from T-Mobile saying that they want the defective phone or there will be a $499 charge on the phone bill. WTF?!? The next 7 minutes go something like this: "Medical Assistant, I thought you sent that defective phone back?" "I did." *sighing* "Well, they say they don't have the phone. :-/" "Well, I putit in the mail as soon as you handed it to me." "Huh... the mail? What do you MEAN the mail!?! You mean like the MAILMAN!?!" "Yes, I handed it to the mailman when he came into the office and he took it." "Why-in-hell would you give the damn phone-- a UPS Package --to the goes out UPS!" "Uh, did it... how do you send something UPS?" do you see how size matters in this instance? I mean if Medical Assistant's brain would have been even a milligram heavier she would have thought to READ the SHIPPING information on the FRONT OF THE DAMN PACKAGE where it clearly says UPS in BROWN and WHITE not RED, WHITE, and BLUE! **taking several very deep breaths** Currently, I am researching how USPS and UPS does things in order to track down the lost phone and dodge a $499 "restocking" fee. Medical Assistant is a good person, I just question how intelligent Medical Assistant is at times. *smh*

Kids, are you ready for a good 'ole Lesbian Facebook War Story! Are you? Well, tune-in tomorrow as it's waaaaay off-topic (but DAMN it's juicy). I will illustrate --in great detail-- a moron and ingrate at her finest. Anywho in this world size matters: The size of your heart matters in love and charity; The size of your ignorance in the course of human events and dealing with your fellow man, and the size of your common sense which get us all through the soap opera called life... take THAT to the bank, Gang! Stay Groovy and God Bless!

The Hedonist